Team & range of services

At interTee you’ll meet idealists and pragmatists, you’ll meet scientists and craftspeople, you’ll meet cool heads and dreamers alike. But no matter how multifaceted and diverse our multinational interTee team looks from the outside, we all agree on one point: We love tea!

Our team applies its broad range of abilities in responding to the needs of our customers and improving the quality of our products. Our team members demonstrate impressive industry know-how, a strong ability to improvise and, in particular, a great deal of commitment and initiative when it comes to helping familiarise people with what we think is the most wonderful product in the world. And those furthering their skills and qualifications have the full support of our management. The active participation in training programmes and lively sharing of skills and knowledge gained is another basis of our mutual success. We know that when everyone at interTee is good in their field, then together we're at the top!

Advising and sales: Our highly motivated salespeople help most of their customers by telephone. However, they also maintain personal contact with their customers and in this way they gain their trust and, at the same time, a profound understanding of the situation at their customers’ sales location. We can quickly meet customers’ wishes and also offer them competent and fitting advice because they trust us and know that we understand their business.

Purchasing and product development: One of the features with which we set ourselves apart from our peers at an early stage is our extraordinary in-house creations. Our tea tasters combine their years of experience, tough requirements for taste and use of carefully selected ingredients to compose our unique and flavourful creations, some of which have long become classics themselves. However, the work of our tea tasters and purchasers already begins in the country of origin: with the careful selection of growing regions, cultivators and tea gardens. Our employees regularly monitor the harvests and this is how we ensure the high quality of our raw ingredients. We expect our cultivators to stick to holistic farming concepts which take people, nature and the environment into consideration.

Production: At the heart of our company, our modern, in-house production department carefully refines the high-quality teas we import from around the entire world using select ingredients, all under the critical eyes of our tea tasters. We adjust and adapt the production processes to best preserve the particular flavour and high quality of each kind of tea. Busy hands are hard at work quickly processing orders which leave our warehouse via contract carrier every day. Our goods normally reach our customers outside Germany within 48 hours.

Quality assurance: Recently, we have reached a milestone on the right path and are now certified according to the strict requirements of the internationally known quality standard ISO 22.000:2005. It is a proof for us having implemented an all-embracing quality management system which covers all business areas having influence on safety and quality of our products. Moreover, it helps us to improve continuously. To maintain our consistently high standard of quality, it’s a matter of course for us to carefully select our suppliers and subject all the raw materials we use to stringent tests. For example, every classic tea imported directly from its country of origin is tested for pesticides by independent and accredited laboratories. New accessories are also laboratory tested for conformity with applicable statutory regulations before going on sale.

Logistic: It is essential to our business to be close to the tea. In this regard, the interTee subsidiary in Shanghai ensures perfect quality on the ground. And having two warehouses in Germany near Hamburg to store inventory is a critical strategic component of our business model. Both storage facilities are directly linked to all company divisions and this offers numerous strategic advantages: It enables us to constantly review the quality of our products, to taste the tea and to overcome any personnel bottlenecks which may arise.