We are a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership

The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies who share a vision of a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable. ETP staff work directly with tea producers to ensure that they meet international labour standards, that workers are fairly treated, and the environment is protected. ETP also works with expert partners on projects that improve the sustainability of the tea sector - from improving labour relations and reducing discrimination, to safe management of agrochemicals and adapting to climate change. To find out more about ETP and its role at the centre of tea sustainability go to: www.ethicalteapartnership.org.

Our organic teas are certified

Organic teas? In Germany the abbreviation “kbA“ is often used; it stands for “controlled organic farming” practices. Such products are grown in accordance with the Council Regulation 834/2007 on organic production. It is not allowed to use genetically modified organism and ionising radation. Certified, independent companies monitor conformity with these regulations through regular, unannounced spot checks. The code number for our control body is DE-ÖKO-001.

interTee is FSSC 22000 certified

interTee is certified by  the strict food safety standards of the internationally approved norm FSSC 22000 (Food Safety system Certification 22000).
The FSSC 22000 connects the conditions of ISO 22000, management systems of the food safety, with preventive programs from the row of technical specifications ISO / TS 22002 (Food production, communal catering, agriculture, production of food packaging, feed and animal feed production) or PAS 221 (food retail trades) or NTA 8059 (transport and storage), and some additional demands.
With FSSC 22000 we show that we have introduced the HACCP standard an extensive quality management system which applies to all areas who have clout on the security and quality of our products.

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