interTee goes to school: The basic programme encompasses everything you need to know about tea and the business of tea. In addition to knowledge about tea in general, tea as merchandise and professionally tasting tea, our training programme includes the relevant sections of food law and quality assurance in your business. This training programme is primarily aimed at customers who have recently opened a tea business. Of course it goes without saying that “old hands” who are interested in getting more fundamental information about “Tea and the Tea Business” are also more than welcome.

Self-employed with interTee: Thinking about your own tea shop as a start-up company? Why not! While Germany might have been a nation of coffee drinkers a few years ago, tea is growing more popular every day. More and more pleasure seekers are discovering the diversity that the world of tea can offer – beyond the standardised teabag. And the passion for combining a wonderful product with your own means of earning a living can be extremely satisfying. Of course, there are a few things to watch out for – and the interTee-Akademie can be of valuable assistance in this regard, too!